Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Top 5 Dividend Stocks of last 10 year

When Investor was looking for good stock , dividend would be the very important factor to be consider. Stock go up down but consistence dividend make your investment worth. For conservative investor with low risk profile good dividend paying stock would be the best to invest.
Here we have try to bring few very good stock with great dividend payout over the last 10 year.
 IT giant Infosys is always giving handsome dividend to its investor since inception.Even for last 2 year Infosys is facing growth issue because of the slow down in spending of BFSI client but for conservative investor Infosys is paradise. Study stocks growth with good return that what all they need. Let have look into infosys 10 year stock and dividend data.
Jan 2006 Infosys was trading at around 360 INR and now it is around 1027 INR.  Stock has given 185 % return with CAGR of 10.19%. Now let’s have look at dividend data. In last 10 year Infosys has declared 438.5 INR as dividend. This make total dividend of 121 % if stock brought at 360 in 2006. So 10 year average dividend yield is 12% around. If you have PPF or any other such investment time to think again.
Manappuram Finance: 
Manappuram finance is India’s Largest Listed and Highest Credit Rated Gold Loan Company.It Currently trading at 94.4 INR as on 14th Oct 2016. It is very hard to believe but this stock was traded at just 0.63 INR back in 2006. In 10 year stock price surge 149 times.
  If investor has invested in Manappuram Finance in Jan 2006 then he would had received  11.06 INR dividend till date.Now with investment price 0.63 INR , 10 year dividend payout would be stand 1755% with average of 175%. If you still not believe please read our last post: Stock with 150% average yearly dividend yield since 10 Year

 Clariant Chemicals India Ltd

Clariant Chemicals India Ltd is largest producer of Pigments, Textile Chemicals & Leather Chemicals in India. Also it is one of the highest dividends paying company we found.  Stock Price on 2006 was 333.75 INR which raise staidly to 805 INR today.  CAGR of stock for last 10 year is 8.5% but stock has paid 491.5 INR as Dividend in last 10 year and its average Yearly Dividend Yield is 14.72 % for 10 years.
NMDC is state-controlled mineral producer of the Government of India. NMDC is one of the consistence dividend players in Indian stock market. NMDC was traded at 45 INR around in 2006 while it is now 117 INR.  So stock has given 160% ROI with 10% CAGR. Sometime in last 10 year NMDC has given 56.17 INR as Dividend which make it 124% yield and 10 year average Dividend yield is 12.4% .
Hindustan Zinc Limited
Hindustan Zinc Limited (HZL) is an integrated mining and resources producer of zinc, lead, silver and cadmium. It is a subsidiary of Vedanta Resources PLC.  HZL is consistence growth stock with healthy dividend. Stock raised from 25 in Jan 2006 to 245 INR today. With ROI 880% and CAGR of23% Hindustan Zinc makes valuable investment. Stock has paid total 46.7 INR as dividend in same period which make total 10year yield 186 % and annual average of 10 year yield 18.6%. No doubt it make in our list.
Remember Good stock come with great dividend. Don’t forget to look at dividend while you are investing next time. Also please do share  this and comment your view.
“Do you know the only thing that gives me pleasure? It’s to see my dividends coming in.”
–John D. Rockefeller
Be Smart. Invest Smartly