Saturday, 29 March 2014

Multibagger stocks of tomorrow.

How to find Multi Bagger Stocks?

1.Promoter’s track record.
This parameter is having highest priority. If the management is not honest, will they want to share the benefit with you? No, they will look for the first opportunity to draw off the profits and pull the wool over your eyes. If you study TCS, Tata Motors or any of Tata group of companies, you will understand that they are having excellent top management. We can trust Tata. Promoter record should not be fraudulent.

2.Unique business model.
A stock with a monopoly or duopoly command in that particular market sector would be great. VST Industries, for instance, operates in the particular cigarette industry, where there is no danger of fresh competition coming in here in India. CRISIL, Nestle are good examples. A powerful brand that draws customers is necessary.

3. Business growth opportunity should be exponential

In simple words, if you are pretty sure about company’s growth at the rate of 20% to 25% on year on year basis with significant visibility for more than 5+ years, then you have identified correct multibagger stock.

4.Capital requirement should be less

Company should require minimal capital but generating huge returns there from. Generally IT companies require very minimum capex for expansion as compared to infrastructure/real estate company to run their projects.

other than this their are many other factor.

Some stock that I have sorted out which could be Run a Long way..

Adani Power : CMP 48.4 .

Tata Coffee: CMP 944.

Ashok Lyend: CMP 22.7

Jaiprakash Power :CMP 14.25

Tata Motors: CMP 396

Be Smart. Invest Smartly.