Saturday, 26 April 2014

Not Always Blue Chips

If you are willing to take more risk and want to make more money than Blue chip might not good Idea to go.

For last couple of month some small value stock completely outperforms and still hitting the bar.

1. Himalaya International:

On 1st April 2014: 8.95

Change: 11.05 INR (123%)

2. HCL Info system:

CMP: 53.5 INR
On 1st April 2014: 38.4

Change: 15.1 INR (39%)

3. Everready Industries:

CMP: 54.85 INR
 On 1st Feb 2014: 34.9 INR

Change: 19.95 INR (57 %).

This is only some of stock that now breaks the silence. If you are ready to take calculated risk you must have one of above in your Portfolio.

Be Smart. Invest Smartly.