Thursday, 11 December 2014

Bull is ready.. Don’t miss the Opportunity

Indian market is set to begin roller coaster ride for next 3 to 6 year. Mid-cap will be on the front seat. Keep your portfolio ready with quality stocks to enjoy the ride.

Let's find out some of the possible candidate for our front seat:

Sintex Industries: 

CMP: 100
Sintex has shown sustain growth in 2014 and create more than 300% return this year. Balance sheet of Sintex is positive for last couple of quarters. All factors for company are positive and it will continue to grow also in FY15 with same as in FY14. So if you don't have it in your portfolio thinks again about it.
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Axis Bank:

CMP: 490
Axis Bank is leading from front in private sector banks. Stock almost double in FY14. One must have this blue chip in his model portfolio.

Ashok Leyland:

 CMP: 49
 Ashok Leyland came from loss to profit in FY14. Stock is hitting 52 week high. It has bags big order recently and company is set to join ride.


CMP: 280
Gati is the one of the wealth creator in FY 14. Stock was trading at 26 on DEC13 and today it surges to 280.Within a year it created 10 x returns for its investor. E Commerce market is booming in Indian and it directly bring business to logistic and courier industries. Gati will keep doing well in FY15-16.So don't miss this wealth creator.

Eveready Industries:

CMP: 190
Along with Gati Eveready was another wealth creator in FY14. Eveready stock gained more than 600% in FY14. With Warren Buffet’s Duracell buy stock of dry cell are hitting high. Keep this stock in your portfolio and see its magic.

    Along with above there are many small and midcaps stocks like Adani Ports, Ceat, South India Bank, GMR Infrastructure , JM Finance, Pipavav Defence, Rolta, Rico Auto, Tata Coffee. All you need to do is to buy on every dip. Indian market is now entering in Bull phase and all this stock will be the money makers for their investor. Pick your money maker smartly.

  Be Smart. Invest Smartly